D1 SPEC OBD2 Easy Link II Multi-function Display Controller

Most driver need to customize their car with a number of electronic equipment especially for expensive sport cars. Then, to accommodate it; D1 Spec Multi-function Display is most drivers solution to deal with. This accessories is mainly designed with computerized motoring on your car. Its so simple; just plug the Multi-function Guage into your vehicle’s ODB-II port and start your powerful devices for digital gauge display. Display have LEDs which flashing when reaching the warning level. Can be installed on all vechicles with OBD II connectors after 1996.DISPLAY FUNCTIONS:- Cot: Display engine coolant/water temperaturefrom -40~215°C- SPd: Display current speed in range from 0 to 255km- Vol: Display voltage from 12~18V- rPE: Display RPM from 0~9999- Eco: Full consumption display from 0~30, the lower value represents better efficiency- Int: Display intake temperature from -40~215°C- Inp: Display intake pressure from -1~1.6 bar- AIF: Display air flow from 0~665g/sec- E Hp: Display precentage of horse power output from 0~100%- 3FU: Display speed, coolant temperature & voltage alternately (can be set between 0-30 seconds)- For the unit with working temperature adjustment on radiator fan, it can be set from 70-120°C- For functions not being supported by your vehicle, show in "nA" under each display mode *High quality *LED: RED *Colour: GREY *Size: 80mm x 40mm x 18mm *Easy installation and operations 

PRICE: 130€