Buddy Club N+ SPEC Dampers

 All strut type suspensions use inverted shocks for more horizontal stability.because strut type suspensions absorb the shock directly from the road, it requires a high strength design. -- 
Buddy Club utilizes the inverted shock design for its high durability. The inverted shock tubes are manufactured with corrosion free chrome plated steel.
15 Way compression:

15 Way compression/rebound adjustment.15 different settings are possible with just a simple click on a knob. Inverted shocks have the adjusting knob on the top of the shaft. The others have the knob on the bottom of the shell case. 

The basic compression (softest setting) offers firm but comfortable ride for daily street use of the suspension kit. About 4kg/mm spring rate increase is expected with the damping force set to all the stiffest settings.

PRICE: 1300€