Tegiwa Air Intake with Battery Relocation Kit Honda Civic Type R FN2

This intake has been developed as a proven solution for our FNduro race cars that compete in the 750MC Club Enduro Championship. Designed to replace the OEM airbox, this intake offers increased airflow as well as a much better sounding intake noise too. To allow for the best performance the kit comes with a battery relocation kit to ensure that the filter is positioned in the best possible place. We haven't just used any run of the mill air filter either, our kit utilises a K&N RU-1576 cotton filter which can be taken off and cleaned when servicing your vehicle.

The kit consists of:

  • Black aluminium hard pipe
  • Black silicone joiner
  • 2x jubilee clips
  • Bracket
  • K&N RU-5176 high performance air filter
  • Tegiwa battery relocation ki


      PRICE 390€