Forge Motorsport Intercooler Honda Civic Type R FK8

  • +30Hp and 50Nm of torque at 4500rpm
  • 89% more volume
  • Thin wall cast endtanks for superior flow.
  • Fits the vehicle without any cutting or further modifications
  • Features machined recesses in the intercooler mating flanges to accept the OEM sealing O-rings
  • Supplied with all fittings required to fit the intercooler

Utilising our industry leading bar and plate design, alongside Solidworks CAD and flow simulation design (Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD) to develop our high flow cast end tanks.  The turbo side endtanks features an internal divider to ensure the full volume of the core is utilised. 

The bar and plate core has over 89% more volume and larger frontal area. To ensure the optimum airflow from the front of the vehicle onto the surface of the core this intercooler utilizes the OEM plastic ducting.

When fitted to a remapped vehicle, just the intercooler alone gave an increase in mid-range power of approximately 30Hp and 50Nm of torque at 4500rpm. With this power increase, the feel and drive of the FK8 is completely transformed due to the massive increase in power throughout most of the rev range.

Inlet air temperatures have been halved with this superbly engineered intercoolers. This results in the forge intercooler being one of the first and best modifcaitons any enthusiast would make to gain safer running on their tuned vehicle.

The intercooler is available in red or black with a tough durable and corrosion resistant powder coating to ensure the maximum heat dissipation and product longevity even in the worst environments.