CPL Racing Supercharger kit for the Honda K-series powered vehicles. Designed and built at CPL Racing in UK, this kit not only fills the gap left by the Jackson Racing supercharger kit but is a major improvement with premium quality billet inlet manifold, larger supercharger unit, aerospace quality castings and machined components throughout. Full 5 axis simultaneous machining means that there has been no compromise in design whatsoever and the quality of the supercharger kit is far over and above any other forced induction solution available for the K20. 

The CPL Racing supercharger kit will product 350 hp straight out of the box, this is 50 hp more than the previous Jackson Racing kit which equates to around 17% increase in hp and torque over and above the Jackson. It provides ultimate street and track all round performance for both daily street driven vehicles and weekend track enthusiasts.  Aided by the kit's bypass system, part throttle driving will return good fuel economy and excellent driveability. In contrast to other supercharger kits available on the market, when required, power is delivered immediately with just a squeeze of the throttle.

Kits includes:                                                
- Supercharger unit 
- Gear drive assembly
- Inlet manifold
- Throttle body adaptor
- Bypass valve
- 7 rib pulley and belt
- Map sensor relocator
- Fixings and O ring seals

Features summary: -
- Large capacity S335 Sprintex screw type supercharger built to ISO quality standards
- Billet two piece inlet manifold and throttle body adaptor
- Anodised finish
- Aesthetic design
- Utilises factory tensioner
- Upgradeable in the future
- High quality
- Competitively priced
- Instant low end power delivery 
- Absolutely no lag
- One year/20,000 km warranty*