Cosworth Honda K20A Pistons

With 50 years of world class engine design and manufacturing experience, Cosworth's intimate knowledge of the interaction between the piston and other engine components gives the us the distinct advantage in piston design resulting in the finest piston available.

The piston is one of the most important components within the engine. It can be subjected to directional change up to 285 times every second and must withstand acceleration forces of 8,500 Gs. Cosworth high performance forged pistons are designed and engineered to withstand this type of punishment and still perform. All Cosworth pistons are manufactured using the same methods as our Formula One pistons and include features such as anti-scuff skirt coating, ultra-strong pins, polished top and patented anti-detonation bands. Additionally, each application uses a unique forging to minimize weight and ensure the strongest possible piston.

Fits Honda Civic Type-R EP3 and FN2 K20A engine.

Includes pistons, piston rings, pins and circlips.

Please select type required when ordering. Types available:

86mm 12:1 CR
86.25mm 12:1 CR
86.25mm 9:1 CR
86.5mm 9:1 CR 

Price :