AT Power's Honda Integrated K20/K24 Dry Sump Kit

AT Power's Honda Integrated K20/K24 Dry Sump Kit is suitable many installations and features a high quality billet Aerospace Aluminium machined Sump.

This kit features Fully Integrated Scavenge Galleries from Sump to Pump, to minimise the quantity of vulnerable external Oil Pipes and reduce numerous potential oil leak paths and additional costs of fittings and lines.

Designed for the optimal installation, this high performance product features a Gear-Pump Pressure Stage and 2 Gerotor Scavenge Stages all driven from the Standard OEM Chain Drive. With a total overall depth of just 96mm, a considerable reduction from 155mm of the OEM Dry Sump pan. This kit is suitable for both the K20 and K24.Powered vehicles, Including both Naturally Aspirated and Turbo applications.