T-REV® (Teramoto Racing Eco Valve) is a valve system which optimizes the internal pressure by controlling the blow- by gas. The system creates negative pressure in the crank case and makes the piston and crank shaft movement super smooth.
The significantly reduced air drag in the engine will lead to...

The principle of the product is extensively adapted to the latest racing machines for the maximum performance.
By making the throttle response super smooth, the harsh elements in the engine operation are eliminated, For all driving stages from the street to the race tracks, this special parts derives the natural potentiality from your engine.

The conventional 4 cycle engine repeats the 1) intake stroke, 2) compression stroke, 3) power stroke, and 4) exhaust stroke thousands times in a minute to produce power.
When the piston is pushed down from the dead center in the power stroke, small blow-by gas goes to the crank case through the piston rings, which produces a positive pressure and causes a drag to the piston movement.
The blow-by gas is extracted through the breather pipe but the positive pressure in the crank case tends to remain with the air back-fowed when the piston moves upward or when the throttle is closed (acceleration is off).
The T-REV® SYSTEM, by controlling this back flow in the breather system, optimizes the pressure in the crank case and creates the ultra-smooth piston movement.

Price: 550€