Accel Honda Super Tune-Up Kit for Honda with W/VTEC

onda Super Tune-Up Kit for Honda Acura/Honda 1990-97 with W/VTECHonda Super Tune-Up Kit for Honda Acura/Honda 1990-97 with W/VTEC


Maximize the performance of your Acura or Honda with Acura/Honda super tuneup kits from ACCEL. These tuneup kits consist of everything needed to put a super tuneup on your vehicle's engine. All kit components are perfectly matched to give you the best performance that your ride is capable of. Each of these precision-molded, impact-resistant kits contains a wire set with heat-reflective spark plug boots, a distributor cap and rotor with high dielectric strength, and brass contacts. These kits facilitate an easy install to get your ride revved up and raring to go.


  • Custom designed for non VTEC Hondas.
  • Includes a cap and rotor set a spark plug wire set and a coil.
  • Plug wires are fitted with heat reflective coated boots rated to 1200 degrees.
  • Coil has 10 to 15 percent more spark energy than Original Equipment Manufacturer coils.
  • Cap and rotor are precision molded from an impact resistant high dielectric strength compound.

 PRICE: 185€